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Week 1

Discovering Me and You

During this week staff and students will get to know each other through various games, ice breakers, and

fun projects. We will end our first week with our End of 1 st Week Celebration at Pine Log Park with Pony

Rides, Petting Zoo, Carnival Food Truck, BBQ, and lots of FUN and GAMES!


Week 2


Campers will learn about what it takes to be a leader. Qualities of good leaders. Learning to identify the

leader in a group. How to be a leader. Campers will also learn about Great Leaders of the past and



Week 3

Farm to Table

Campers will learn agriculture and how important it is in our everyday life. We will explore the various

steps and processes in planting and harvesting. Campers will start a vegetable and fruit garden and enjoy

various field trips related to the theme.


Week 4

Disney in Conyers

Staff and Campers will recreate the magical Disney World and bring it to Conyers. Campers will enjoy

designing and creating their own amusement park and roller coaster. Campers will enjoy daily Disney

themed meals design their own cartoon flip book, enjoy karaoke to Disney songs, and more.


Week 5

Inventor’s Workshop

Campers will tap into their entrepreneur and creative side. Campers will be given various problems and

they must create/invent a solution in groups. Towards the end of the week they will start working on their

commercials to advertise their invention and present on Friday. Future entrepreneurs!


Week 6

Party in the USA (4 th of July Week)

Each day the Campers will explore different traditions and cultures practiced here in our States.

The States we will explore:

New Mexico- We will celebrate the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and enjoy Mexican food.

Texas- We will have our very own Rodeo while learning to line dance with a big BBQ!

New Orleans- Madi Gras @ Team 3…Shrimp (chicken) and grits anyone?!


Week 7

Time Travelers

Campers will explore different eras in time using our Team 3 Time Machine designed by campers. Each

day we will explore various times in history. First, we will blast to the future, year 2060 and campers will

be given the tasks of creating a world of amazing advancements that they believe will be present. We will

also explore the Motown Music Era, Civil Rights Era, Harlem Renaissance Era, and the Renaissance Art



Week 8


What a fun week! Each day we will focus on a different subject…Science, Technology, Engineering, Art,

Math with loads of hands on activities, experiments, field trips, to broaden to their minds and keep them

learning while having loads of fun!


Week 9

Embrace the Day

Monday- Camp Hollywood

Tuesday- Camp Master Chef

Wednesday- Camp Ninja Warrior

Thursday- Camp Zen

Friday- Camp Aloha

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