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Team 3 School Break Camp provides an engaging environment for children during the school breaks and teacher workdays (Team 3 follows the academic schedules of Rockdale & Newton Counties). Our camp is designed to keep children active while stimulating their minds through our academic enrichment curriculum that correlates with our themes and field trips. Our staff is dedicated to the academic, physical, and mental health of our students, and we have a program that encompasses growth and development in each area.

Summer Camp Info

Camp Time: 6:30am - 6:30pm
Location: 1290 Green St SE Conyers, GA 30012

Tuition: $145/week/child (add’l sibling, $5/wk off discount)

Reservation Fee: $85


Reservation Fee Deadlines:

June Deadline: April 26, 2024

July Deadline: May 17, 2024

All registration and reservation fees are non-refundable.

What is the reservation fee for?
Team 3 Summer Camp Program allows parents to select the weeks of camp they’d like their child to attend and only pay for those selected weeks versus the entire summer. With this flexibility allowed and the high demand for spots at Team 3’s summer camp, we require parents to pay a portion ($40) of the tuition in advance to secure their child’s seat for the week. This ensures that parents are selecting weeks that they truly intend for their child to attend so that we can serve as many families in the community as possible. When the weeks arrive for your child to attend camp, only the difference of $100 will be due for tuition. Please remember, selecting weeks for attendance ONLY holds your child’s seat until the Reservation fee deadlines of April 29th for selected weeks in June and May 13th for selected weeks in July. Failure to pay reservation fees on time may result in your registration fee being forfeited and seat lost to students on our waiting list.

NOTE:Parents who miss the RESERVATION Due Date run the risk of losing their child’s seat to another student. Team 3 will not issue any refunds of registration fees unless we have a mandated government shut down due to COVID.


Check out the awesome themes we have lined up for this summer

1) Welcome to Team 3 Explorers
2) Team 3's Survival Week
3) Farm to Table: Lets Eat!
4)It's a Rocky World
5) Team 3's Weather Report
6) Cool, Unique, Amazing Flowers 
7)Nature's Circle of Life
8) Water, Water, Water
9) Its Human Nature, Ya'll

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