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Team 3 Virtual Learning Academy for Online Learners

Team 3 After School & Camps is proud to present Team 3 Virtual Learning Academy for the 2020-2021 school year! The current state of our world in facing the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to pivot and become more innovative to continue to provide a high quality, enriching, and SAFE learning environment for our students.

Team 3’s Virtual Learning Academy will provide support and direction for students enrolled in a fully accredited program, either with the county or Georgia Cyber Academy. Students will have onsite learning coaches in addition to their online certified teachers. The collaboration with this dynamic public-school option creates a hybrid environment and offers a personalized education where our learning coaches can be present to continue to cultivate individual students’ strengths while assisting and pushing them in their areas of weakness. Utilizing the students’ public-school curriculum, we help parents work as needed for their families while providing a safe environment to keep the students actively engage in learning and progressing that also encompasses reaching and teaching the WHOLE child.

Think of us as your child’s school within a school!

What will Team 3 Virtual Learning Academy be offering for the 2020-2021 school year and why is it a great option for my child and family?

Small Ratios- Student-to-Teacher ratios will be 1:10 to improve safety and ensure social distancing while allowing our learning coaches to provide the individual needed assistance to each student. Smaller ratios allow our staff to both focus on your student’s academics and remain very mindful of cleaning and sanitizing desks, tables, and other areas in use by students throughout the day.

Electives- Electives will allow our students to learn and grow in several ways as we develop the whole child! Electives will rotate every six-weeks.
- Coding
-Intro to Broadcasting/TV-Public Speaking
-The Cool Scientist & Awesome Experiments
- Art (painting, ceramics, drawing, knitting, beading, and more)
-Financial Literacy (4th grade and up only)
***Syllabus will be available for parents and students for each elective by the first day of school. To hold students accountable for completing quality work, a grading scale will be created for electives as well.

Physical Education-The health and physical fitness of our students is our priority as well, healthy bodies house healthy brains! P.E. will be held daily at Team 3 Sports & Fitness gym or outside for 30 minutes each day, led and instructed by certified strength and conditioning coach, Ivory Dennard. Students will be led in various calisthenics to improve their heart health, endurance, balance, and overall strength. This will be done through a variety of fun games, competitions, and sports.

Cursive Writing- Students will learn cursive writing while at Team 3 and improve on this skill with assigned short journal entries to be completed in cursive as their skills progress.

Spanish- Grade-level Spanish will be taught daily to students. We will be using the Sing N Speak Spanish Curriculum to guide our instruction and lessons. Each student will receive their own Spanish workbook to accompany lessons.

Extended Hours-Our extended hours (6:30am-7pm) provides flexibility to the working parent in the case of any minor delays at work.

Meals- Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and evening snack are provided.

Tuition is $480/mo
Registration is $45
Material Fee is $100

**CAPS Accepted**
**Quality Rated Program**
**Grades Kindergarten-8th grade**

**We will not pick up for after school for students who choose the hybrid option. We are only accommodating Virtual ONLY students to try to reduce the amount of interactions of our students to increase the safety of our students and staff.**  

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